How It All Began...

Ms. Wheelchair Utah was founded by Whit and Meg Johnson in 2005. Meg had recently been paralyzed in a hiking accident and saw a need to help women and girls in wheelchairs recognize their inner – and outer – beauty, fulfill their purposes, and reach their potential. The Ms. Wheelchair Utah Pageant ran from 2006 – 2018.

The Princess Pageant is a royal experience for girls 12 and younger who use wheelchairs. The Princess Pageant has two events, the Tea Party and then the Pageant itself. The Tea Party is a fun event where Participants dine and dance with their princess friends. The Pageant is a formal event where Participants shine onstage and showcase their talents. The entire experience is designed to help Participants recognize their purpose and potential, not in spite of being wheelchair bound, but because of it. The Princess Pageant has continued to grow strong since 2010.

Teen Spokes started when some past Participants from the Princess Pageant grew up and needed something to help them remember their purpose and potential (that didn’t involve princesses). This event is held quarterly and teenage girls who use wheelchairs gather to hear the happy, successful story of an adult woman who is in a wheelchair. She shares her story and then the teens ask their questions. These events strengthen teenage girls as it shows them the happy reality of positive, contributing futures that they, too, can have.


Sign up your little princess for the Annual Princess Pageant. It’s festive, it’s fun and it’s free! Get started today!