The Princess Pageant is a beautiful experience for girls who use wheelchairs. They participate in two different events held the same weekend, the Tea Party and the Pageant. 

The Tea Party
The participants meet up with Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, Mulan and all their Princess and Princely friends for an afternoon Princess Tea Party Dinner. They dine and dance and have a royally fun time! Moms look on, cameras ready, and also eat dinner together. This event is basically the Pageant rehearsal, but it doesn’t really feel that way at all!

The Pageant
This event is held the Saturday after the Tea Party. At the Pageant, the Princesses and Participants meet again for an unforgettable afternoon as each Participant gets her time to shine onstage as she showcases her unique talents. Backstage excitement with games and activities ensure that all the Participants have a royally fun time with their Princess friends.



Tea Party


At the Tea Party, you can expect a royally good party! Princes will meet you and escort you inside where a cloud of Princesses will greet you. Your daughter can choose whichever Princess she connects with to be her partner. They will go sit down at their table and open your daughter’s dinner (we observe all food allergies and instructions!). Moms sit with moms and have fun visiting and taking pictures of their daughters while they, too, enjoy a dinner and treats. Princesses will help your daughter with her dinner and help her get yummy treats. There are gifts for the Participants to open and play with. They will get their picture taken with their new Princess best friend and they will also be videoed saying their name and age, this will be shown to introduce the Participants the next day at the Pageant. Then we all rehearse the Pageant – but all it feels like for the Participants is one big dance party with their new Princess friends!

The Pageant is the following day. Participants show up early and practice the dance just once more before going backstage to hang out with the Princesses and playing games.  Moms, dads, families, friends, and neighbors sit in the auditorium and enjoy the show! It starts with the video we filmed the night  before (of each Participant introducing herself) and then moves into the presentations. These are just two-minute solo stage experiences for each Participant. She can do whatever she wants – we’ve had girls tell jokes, ride a skateboard, sing, dance, and show their talents! Many choose to show a video or picture slideshow of her hobbies or travels. After the presentations, each girl is awarded a crown, sash, flower bouquet from Jimmy’s Flowers, and award. Then she dances with her princess and it’s over! But the celebration will linger.