A Tea Party dress - however she interprets that!

Casual clothes.

Yes. They sit with the other mothers.

Yes, but only in place of the Mother. Only one parent should come with the Participant. It gets too crowded if there are too many parents.

No. The Tea Party is just for the Participant and one parent to accompany them.


Possibly. You will get the locations after you submit your application!


A formal gown. You can see examples of what the Participants are wearing in the pictures on our site.

Dress up clothes, but not formal.

Yes. And bring all your friends and the rest of the family, too!

The event is free for everyone!

Yes! Each will win an award, a crown, sash, tiara, and flowers. She will also receive a gift basket.

It is a short, two-mnute “something” from the Participant. Many Participants choose to show a short video about themselves, however, some sing, dance, play soccer, skateboard (yes, all of these have been done!). It is the time for each Participant to shine by herself onstage.

No, there are just too many Participants, sorry!

There have been several Participants who enjoy these events with cognitive disabilities. Several returning Participants cannot speak, eat, breath by themselves and their moms tell us that they love it. We absolutely love them.

Probably not. We do have Princes also 🙂

$10. This covers the application fee and both events.