What is the Princess Pageant all about? In this video Meg Johnson, Founder of the Princess Pageant, talks about the Pageant, its mission, values, and the wonderful experience that it is for all involved.

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The full Princess Pageant consists of two separate events: The Princess Tea Party is the first event, followed by the Princess Pageant a week later.

The Tea Party

This Princess Tea Party is the first event.

The participants meet up with Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, Mulan and all their princess and fairy friends for an afternoon Princess Tea Party Lunch. They dine and dance and have a royally fun time!

The princesses have rehearsed and practiced for this event long beforehand and they know the dance and the placement for each Participant.

No worries for Participants (or parents!) as the princesses will take each Participant exactly where she needs to be at all times.

After Princesses and Participants (and moms) enjoy their fun lunch, the princesses will dance with the Participants and briefly go through the Pageant outline so that Participants will know exactly what to expect during the Pageant event.

The Pageant

This is an evening fit for a true princess!

Held a week after the Tea Party, the princesses and participants meet again for an unforgettable evening as each Participant gets her time to shine onstage as she showcases her unique talents. An audience of friends and family applaud each Participant as she wins an individualized award, sash, flowers and tiara.

Participants arrive in their beautiful gowns and go through the dance just one more time before friends and families arrive to fill the seats.

The princesses help the Participants on and off stage as they are introduced, showcase their talent, and perform the dance they learned at the Tea Party. The awards ceremony is last and each Participant leaves with gifts, a sash, flowers, and tiara.

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