We want to thank you for sponsoring this years Princess Pageant Parade!

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The 2020 Princess Pageant was quite the hit! Because all of our little participants are high-risk, we considered not hosting a pageant this year. But how can we skip a chance to celebrate these unique, beautiful, and triumphant humans? We decided that if the girls couldn’t come to the Pageant, we would bring the Pageant to the girls. With 6 teams on 3 days and traveling from Logan to Mona, the princesses of the Princess Pageant visited all 34 participants. With masks and gloves and very full hearts, the princesses crowned each one, one by one. The official crowning was complete with flowers, sashes, and gift baskets. But, of course, it wouldn’t be a true Princess Pageant without a dance party. Driveways transformed into ballrooms for a few minutes of reality respite. Even Heaven was on our side as rain clouds parted just in time so not a single ceremony was delayed by the weather. It was time well spent to highlight the epitome of role models in celebration of the strength, inspiration, and motivation they provide to us all. Thank you for making this a possibility for our little Friends and their families.

We absolutely could not be doing this without you.